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Pizza wakes us up in the morning. 

Pizza is love and love is Family.

The crust is where our story begins...

We gathered passionate people, selected fresh, local ingredients and gave our dough the time and temperature needed to rise, creating the perfect crust. Allowing our dough to ferment for 72 hours enhances the flavor and texture. The love and passion that is stretched and baked into each individual crust is what transforms Strada's pizza into an exquisite and savory experience.  


From the streets of Rome, our craft is what sets us apart. Strada's Italian family tradition invites you to experience a slice of Rome within your local community. Located in a historical building in De Pere, WI, Strada Pizzeria's atmosphere has been thoughtfully arranged with a combination of modern art and old school style, allowing our dining experience to be playful, fun and comfortable. 


At Strada, we are family. We welcome you to enjoy an authentic slice of pizza while catching up with friends or simply spending family time within the coziness of our pizzeria. 


So, have a seat, grab a slice and stay a while...


Arrivederci! "Till we meet again!"


- La Nostra Strada Pizzeria



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